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    On-ear headphones Headphones with neck strap

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    Lightweight and foldable design, ideal for travelling. Outstanding sound quality and bass reproduction. Single-sided cable exit increases comfort and convenience. The ideal length of cable to give you more freedom of movement.

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    Ultra light weight and compact design
    Perfect for internet calls and video conferencing
    Omni directional microphone
    27mm drivers

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    Mains to USB power adapter
    With interchangeable UK, European, Australian and American mains plugs
    Input power: 100-240Vac – 50
    Output socket: USB a female Output current: 1000mA Secured with fuse.

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    VOIP Mono Headphone

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    Login and make the switch 4 HDMI sources via one HDMI input on your LCD or plasma. • Automatic HDMI Switch
    • Connects and switch entre 4 HDMI sources using one input on your LCD
    • Complies with HDMI 1.3b
    • Accept 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080p signals
    • 24k gold-plated connectors .

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    PN: BVP100

    BVP100 YZN
    1″ I.P Iron Pipe
    Group Of 35

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    Design Headphone : Overhead (superimposed on the ear)
    Type of fixing : Arc (over the head)
    Speaker Size : 27 mm
    Maximum capacity : 30 mW
    Minimum frequency reproducible : 20 Hz
    Maximum reproducible frequency : 20 kHz
    Sensitivity : 89 dB
    Intentional impedance : 32 ohm (a)

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    Convenient travel ouch for storing your iPod and all other accessories
    Charge your iPod/iPhone with the 12V power supply in your car/boat
    Connect your iPod to a projector or TV for full-colour slideshows with music
    Retractable USB 2.0 cable for charging and synchronising your iPod

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    100% Brand new,Fashionable and attractive design for your cell phone. Item size: 1.5 cm (L) x 2.7 cm(W) x 0.2 cm(H) Luxury, High Quality, Stylish and Durable, give your cell phone lovely Protect your iPhone’s docking port from dust and lint Provides the final seal to the well enclosed iPhone design Fits for all devices with standard 3.5mm earphone jack As picture show Accessory ONLY, Device not included Remark: Extra US$2 is needed for tracking number (optional)




    Proper use LCD / TFT / Plasma Material: Microfiber, Color: Black , Blue . Content : 200 ml depth: 25 cm.

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    12 Brush DVD lens cleaner
    Menu driven user-guide
    Ensures superior DVD player performance and movie experience.