L32-7000’s 32-inch LED-backlight LCD TV’s spec sheet

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One look at the BenQ L32-7000’s 32-inch LED-backlight LCD TV’s spec sheet reveals that it’s the perfect bachelor’s TV set. But what’s a bachelor’s TV, you ask? Well, a typical home has a flat-panel TV hooked up to a set-top box and console in the living room, along with a PC connected to a monitor in the study. Your average bachelor, however, has neither the space nor money required for such a setup. A full blown flat-panel TV is too expensive for this perpetually broke demographic, whereas a PC monitor lacks the analogue inputs and speakers required by a set-top box and consoles such as PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii. A bachelor’s TV, therefore, is a relatively small and inexpensive TV set that’s not too large to be used as a PC monitor, but still big enough to be hooked up to a console while allowing one to lean back on a bean bag with a controller in hand.

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Brands: BenQ

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Dimensions 46.9 x 570 x 15.7 cm


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